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FPGA for Starters

Taming the Beast (5)
Programming 250 Kgates in VHDL; issue 438, June 2013
Taming the Beast (4)
Make-belief with 250 Kgates; issue 437, Mai 2013
Taming the Beast (3)
Counting to 100 with 250 Kgates; issue 435, March 2013
Taming the Beast (2)
How to build an LED blinker with 250 Kgates; issue 433, January/February 2013
Taming the Beast (Hardware design Raymond Vermeulen)
A simplified approach to working with FPGAs; issue 432, December 2012
IGLOO Nano & Icicle FPGA kits
Cool, cooler, igloo! Issue 395, November 2009

Wi-Fi Controller Board : 8-bit PIC fast prototyping system

Wi-Fi Controller Board
Control RGB LED strips, motors, relays and what not without wires; issue 438, June 2013

Platino & Arduino : 8-bit AVR fast prototyping system

Arduino is a tool
Not a project, but a thought; July/August 2014
Arduino Yún
Bridging Two Worlds? issue 445, January/February 2014
Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/USB shield for Platino and Arduino
Thou Shalt Communicate! issue 430, October 2012
Platino Controlled by LabVIEW (2)
Part 2: Going wireless with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Data Dashboard on an iPad or Android tablet (or how to cram as much buzzwords in one subtitle); issue 426, June 2012
Platino Controlled by LabVIEW (1)
Part 1: An introduction to LIFA, a LabVIEW interface for Arduino; issue 425, May 2012
Platino in Arduino Land
A guide to integrating custom hardware in Arduino IDE; issue 423, March 2012
Versatile Board for AVR Microcontroller Circuits (Co-author Grégory Ester)
Platino, the greatest star of the support act; issue 418, October 2011
Audio Guide (by Grégory Ester. I am listed as co-author, but I only did the editing. It uses Platino so I listed it for completeness sake.)
First steps with Platino; issue 418, October 2011
A voltage booster using Arduino
Design Tip; issue 400, April 2010
Touch LEDs for Arduino
A cheap 4×4 Monome shield; issue 395, October 2009
Microcontrollers for Dummies …
… Arduino for the enlightened; issue 386, February 2009

J²B : 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 fast prototyping system

J2B: Universal MMI Module using ARM Cortex-M3
Let’s stop reinventing the wheel! issue 417, September 2011

Sceptre : 32-bit ARM7 fast prototyping system

Sceptre: Driving a Touch Screen Arduino-style
Issue 415, July/August 2011
Debugging the Sceptre using JTAG
With the help of OpenOCD, GDB, Insight and Eclipse for Windows; issue 411, March 2011
Easy Sceptre Programming with Oberon-07 (by Chris Burrows, I was only the editor but it is about the Sceptre so listed here for completeness sake.)
Embedded Guide 2010, issue 408, December 2010
A Graphics Display for the Sceptre
Embedded Guide 2010, issue 408, December 2010
InterSceptre opens doors (and ports!) for you
Microcontroller extension board; issue 403, June 2010
Grasping the Sceptre
Software library for easy programming; issue 400, April 2010
Reign with the Sceptre
A 32-bit ARM7 fast prototyping system; issue 399, March 2010

Microcontrollers and Rapid Prototyping

The FlowStone of Wisdom
More than a visual programming tool with a pretty (inter)face; issue 444, December 2013
Standards for Coding
Power your circuit with better software; issue 443, November 2013
Getting Started with the LPC800 Mini Kit
(Dot Labs section); issue 442, October 2013
Rapid prototyping the Microsoft way; issue 436, April 2013
The RL78 Microcontroller
An MCU family for low-power applications; issue 424, April 2012
EasyPIC v7
A PIC MCU development board born under the sign of Connectivity; issue 423, March 2012
A Benchmark for Microcontroller Development Kits
Putting numbers to ease of use or time wasted; issue 422, February 2012
E-Labs Inside section
chipKIT Max32 homework, the right solution to the wrong problem; issue 422, February 2012
Wavelet Analysis
on MikroElektronika’s PIC32 platform; issue 421, January 2012
Super Arduino
Getting started with the chipKIT Max32; issue 419, November 2011
Getting Started with your Free LPCXpresso Board
Issue 415, July/August 2011
Developing Apps for Android
Using a PC, BeagleBoard, phone or tablet; issue 414, June 2011
Build a Scrolling LED Message Board in One Day
Using the mbed rapid prototyping platform; issue 405, September 2010
LabVIEW Embedded for ARM µCs
Development Systems; issue 406, October 2010
Femto OS (Co-author Jerry Jacobs)
A tiny multitasking operating system for microcontrollers; issue 398, February 2010
There’s More to Life than just USB!
How to connect your own project to a PC; issue 397, January 2010
Backlight Delay
Issue 391, July/August 2009
USB On-the-Go, OLED and capacitive touch pad
Microchip Starter kit for the PIC24F family; issue 389, May 2009


Post on Elektor.Labs and get a job. Really!
Posting useful stuff can get you a job; November 2014
ELPP: Elektor Labs Preferred Parts
Think standard parts and simplify your life; September 2014
Dot Display Driver
LM3914-like circuit, usable as PWM decoder; July/August 2014 & October 2014
Embedded World 2012
10 years of showcasing embedded electronics; issue 425, May 2012
Geolocalization without GPS
Where am I? Where am I headed? Issue 410, February 2011
Embedded World 2010 (Co-author Antoine Authier)
E-LABs INSIDE section; issue 401, May 2010
Blinded by the Light? (Co-author Ton Giesberts)
Lamp PFC investigated; issue 398, February 2010
Elektor Developers’ Conference Edition 01 (Co-author Antoine Authier)
E-Labs Inside section; issue 396, December 2009
Free CAD
Online design tools; issue 386, February 2009
Cinq salons pour le prix d’un
Forum de l’électronique, Mesurexpo, Opto, Vision-show, RF & Hyper 2008; Elektor France n° 366, décembre 2008
SMT of the Future
Whatever next to solder (or not)? Issue 382, October 2008


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