Circuit Cellar articles

Raspberry Pi: One Year Later, 1 Million Sold
An Interview with Peter Lomas; issue 277, August 2013

Circuit Cellar CC25 anniversary edition

The Platform Generation
Thinking in terms of hardware platforms, not chips; CC25 anniversary issue, 2013

Interview with Jeff Kodosky
Co-Founder, National Instruments; CC25 anniversary issue, 2013

The RL78 Microcontroller
An MCU Family for Low-Power Applications; issue 261, April 2012

Super Arduino
Getting started with the chipKIT Max32; issue 256, November 2011

NXP mbed Design Challenge 2010 Primer
Rapid Prototyping
Build a Scrolling LED Message Board with an mbed/NXP LPC Platform; issue 242, September 2010

Virtual Audio Control
Build a Virtual Instrument Interface; issue 222, January 2009