Error in “motor test 3”

Unfortunately an error has been uncovered in the scketch “motor test 3” on page 128 (first edition) or page 130 (second edition). The constants “TRUE” and “FALSE” must be written as “true” and “false”.

This sketch and maybe others too may produce warnings and errors in new versions of the Arduino IDE (starting at 1.6.0). The sketches in the book were compiled with version 1.0.1. The latest IDE versions do not like the fact that some variables have names similar to port names. An an example, PB5 in the sketch mentioned above will produce an error in the IDE v1.6.3 but not in v1.0.1. Renaming it to pb5 or something else solves this problem.

The download has been corrected.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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